Welcome to Das Ist Lecker (means: 'That is tasty' in german)

This is your one-stop-shop to get your favourite (vegetarian) cuisine at your doorstep, as fast as you want! We understand how important food is, and that is why we bring to you exquisite food from (almost) all parts of the world. For example, when your go through our menu (link is down) you will realise that we have common traditional cuisines like Chinese, Indian and Italian, but then you will realise that we are much more than the 'ordinary'. We will provide you the best common cuisine with the most 'uncommon' twist at the best prices which are made, keeping im mind the hygiene and cleanliness of our kitchen.

Though I have been practising cooking and (especially) baking, I am an amateur cook. Which is proably why, I understand the need of having hygienic, preservative free food. Thus, whatever will be provived to you folks, will be purely, authentically authentic! You can place your trust in us! As you scroll through our webpage, you will come across ssections where you can read about our services, our Initiative's features, the Food Items we offer you, and of course, our prices of each of our items and the quantity of them.

We want you to know more about us. We, hence, request you to click these links below to direct yourself to the section of your interest. However, purely purposes of authencity and no 'deception' we do request to glance at the first link which provides you some information about me, Karishma, the initiator of Spice and Sugar.