I am so glad to have you visit me on my brand-new page.

I am Karishma Sharma, the initiator of Spice and Sugar Galleria.

I have a passion for cooking and baking, and would like to turn my passion, with the help of technology into something, through which I can serve you all. I know many people who either don't know how to cook or don't get the time to do so. Thus, I came up with this idea of helping all the people alike, by giving you what you need and when you need: FOOD!

So, I am super happy to start with Spice & Sugar Galleria. You will be able to browse my website for the items that I make or bake, and then you can very conviently email me, call me or send me a message on WhatsApp. Any of these means to get to me to place your order will work. I will definitely get back to you withing 4-5 business days, or if your order is very urgent and can't wait, I suggest that you contact me through call and specify the number of days in which you would like your order's delivery.

I can't wait to see you and begin with your orders!

This is me, signing off.